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League Matches

DartConnect attempts to send a single email to the device host and team captains, reminding them to save the match. To contact the players directly, select "view". You may force close a match after a 72 hour grace period.

Reminder: It is ALWAYS better to have the tablet close the match. This avoids losing any data associated with the last leg played.

Date Division League
Opponents Match

Force Close Match

Are you sure want to force close this match? This can not be undone. If the host of the match plays any addition legs, they will not be included with this match.

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Create Non-DC Match

League Activity

Notifications: Visit League Portal Support for the latest updates and resources

CSV Reports

  • For best results, open up the League Portal in the Chrome browser, before selecting a report. Chrome will generate a CSV file that is accessible at the bottom of the browser window. Click on this tab to launch the sheet. Many programs can work with CSV file, including Microsoft Excel. You can now organize, suppress and sort the match data.
  • Note: You must save the file as an Excel spreadsheet if you want to use features that the CSV file format does not support. Consider doing this before you begin editing the file.

Players List

(Inactive players will always appear in any search list)


You must create divisions and teams before adding players.
An email that matches the player's DartConnect membership is required for players to access the league in the scoring application.
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* If player record has been added or changed by the team, you can use "Update Player" to accept the change. If there is a question about the change, contact the person who made it to determine the correct information or mark the player "unassigned" until resolved. This removes the player from the team roster.

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You must create divisions and post-season groups before creating teams.

Team Roster

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Pre Season Projected Team DCA Analysis – Run this report in the Chrome Browser
Projection is based on top 4 players performance over the last 25 league matches – additional options can be found in the activity tab


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Inter-Division Play

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Match Format

Legs are selected by players during the match
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What are Post Season Groups?

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League Seasons

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Note: Player Assignments, Teams, and Divisions come from the same season Match Settings are coppied from (above). Any players added in subsequent seasons will also be loaded, but will not have a team or division assignment.

State Finals Reminders:
  1. Have template Post Season Groups created with "States" in name
  2. Contract start at least one day before Finals begin
  3. Season Start will be overriden, pick any date within the season
  4. Player Assignments should be "Players, Teams, and Division assignments"

League Info[League Activity]

League Notifications

League Notification

Note: Leagues will only see the most recent 6 notifications that have been posted within the last 3 months.

League Billing

Welcome to DCLP 2.0!

DartConnect League Portal 2.0

The League Portal was re-launched in December 2018.

Please join our Facebook group for league admins:

The Private Facebook Group for league administrators will help us keep everyone better informed, answer questions and provide faster help available to all. Please visit the group and request to join at the link below.

League Portal 2.0 Facebook Group

Dear League Administrator:

The DartConnect team has been hard at work to improve the League Portal experience. Thanks to your feedback and requests, we have re-organized the portal to make it more efficient to manage a season, communicate with players and edit matches. In addition, the enhanced audit report will identify matches requiring your attention.

Hide this Greeting

To support the incremental functionality, we are developing a new support page. You can access Help anytime using the navigation bar. Here you can expect to find detailed information on our latest features including:

  • Enhanced Activity Report
  • Flagging Irregular Matches
  • Match Editing
  • Managing Division Standings
  • Displaying Team Rosters
  • Effortless Communication with Team Captains
  • Quick Links to your DCTV Channel

We will be back filling the existing league portal functionality as time allows.

As with all new software releases, there are bound to be some items we have missed and a bug or two. Please share at customer support, so we can continue to make the experience better for everyone.

Thanks for your support.

Season Settings

Master Dates Instructions

Use master dates to edit dates for the entire league. Use the divisions tab to manage divisions with dates that are different or change. Effective dates must correspond with the DartConnect Agreement dates.

DartConnect Agreement:

Reg. Season

Match data played in the Regular Season is considered live and is reported to the league portal, team and member sites. Teams and players must have the appropriate memberships to utilize DartConnect.
Administrators can continue to adjust Teams and players up until the Post Season for that Division begins.

Do you have a Post Season?

Post Season


Match data recorded in the Post Season is assigned to Post Season Reporting. All teams associated with the Post Season Group are eligible for Post Season Play. League officials can manage this list utilizing the Post Season tab.

Confirm Update

Note: You can override these master season start dates in each division and post season group as required.

League Activity Report Day:

During the season, you will receive an email with an audit report on this day each week. This day also acts as the start of your "league week" when you run audit reports.

Division Standings:

Expected League Points can also
be edited at the Division level


Required Field: Post-Season GroupsBack

Each division must be assigned a post-season group/bracket/division. If you have not set up your post-season groups yet, you must do this before creating divisions.

What is a Post-Season Group?

During the regular season, teams are only allowed to play teams within their own division, UNLESS your league has selected the inter-division play option.

Once post-season play begins, teams often play other divisions at some point during the playoffs. By creating a post-season group, DartConnect can associate the appropriate divisions (and the corresponding teams) to be in the same post-season listing on each device.

The default will include ALL teams from the corresponding divisions. Once the regular season concludes, leagues have the option of eliminating teams that are ineligible or fail to advance.

To ensure you have this set up correctly, run the Portal Post Season report to confirm each division has been assigned to the correct post-season group.


During the regular season, a Division A1 team only plays other Division A1 teams.

However, in the post season, teams from A1 may only play each other initially, but after the division winner is determined, they play other "A" level teams (teams from A2, A3, A4, etc.) in pursuit of the "A Championship".

Therefore, a post-season group labeled "A" should be created. Then every "A" division (A1, A2, A3, etc.) should be assigned to this Post Season Group. Once post season begins, all "A" teams will be available to play each other.

Note: Like a division, the corresponding proper match format and game menu must be set up as well. This can be done as a secondary step, to expedite the league set up, but do not forget!

Roster Report

Confirm Match Format Change

You have made the following changes to the Match Format:

This will change the match format for this division on all devices.