6/22/21 - 7:08 PM

Athens Dart Association
League Roster
Season: Spring 2020
Season Dates: Jan 20 - July 31

Division A

The Rail
All Divisions
Barrett, Eddie
(C)Barrett, Jules(678)200-9831[email protected]
Cadle, Kyle
Coyne, Mark
Coyne, Tony
 Bulls Deep
Nowhere Bar
All Divisions
Fowler, Matt
Johnson, Will
Kapcala, Damian
(C)Kosloske, Kurt(706)296-3339[email protected]
Reiter, Matt
Sellers, Steve
 Cobra Kai
All Divisions
Allen, Will
Cogger, Rob
(C)Olivier, Tim(706)255-8900 [email protected]
Schultheis, Chris
Thompson, Tyler
Weiner, Ken
 Fu% Nuggets
Max Canada
All Divisions
Battinelli, Daniel
Brady, Chris
Crawford, Shayne
Haertel, Topher
Levi, Steve
Logan, Mark
Medlin, Jason
(C)Melanson, Justin(678)595-1882[email protected]
Viers, Mike
 Raging Bulls
Starland Pizzeria & Pub
All Divisions
Blackwell, Lacey
(C)Blackwell, Ryan(706)372-1021[email protected]
Dutton, Lee
Fonda, R.J.
Smith, Blake
Swinford, David
Willis, Ricky

Division B

 Da Black Mambas
Loco's Eastside
All Divisions
Arven, Alonna
(C)Green, Mike(706)308-2654 [email protected]
Roberts, Crystal
Roberts, Eddie
Simons, Elwyn
Smith, Shane
 Dartners in Crime
All Divisions
Arnold, Nick
Bryant, Danny
(C)DeMott, Timothy(229)407-0357 [email protected]
Holt, Chris
Johnson, Phil
McCullough, Shannon
Pohl Watson, Mimi
Watson, Preston
Woods, Trent
 Mike + The Mechanics
Live Wire Athens
All Divisions
Barnes, Davina
Jarrett, Shana
Mech, Mike
(C)Perry, William(678)358-6966 [email protected]
Wheatley, Dale
 Sparkle Motion
All Divisions
(C)Anderson, Wesley(706)575-9078 [email protected]
Harris, Jamie
Jaworski, Nate
Pan, Jonathan
Sorrell, Jeremiah
Temples, Tim
White, Ross

Division C

 9 Mark Marauders
That Bar
All Divisions
Amedi, Evan
Bridges, Broc
Carithers, Ryan
Clofine, Evan
Fielding, Brandon
Gillespsie, Justin
(C)Intemann, Jared(706)303-1604 [email protected]
Moore, Tripp
Parris, Thomas
Pyle, Travis
Saylor, Jerry
Spencer, Chris
 Cork & Bulls
Live Wire Athens
All Divisions
Benson, Blake
Carrol, Patrick
(C)Fonts, Algy(770)837-4701 [email protected]
Guico, Ernest
Parker, Amanda
Roberston, Daniel
Robertson, Brenden
All Divisions
Harris, Elyse
Harris, Josh
Holt, Matt
Kibbe, Jacque
McCullough, Tina
McDermott, Lynn
(C)Oliver, Robyn(770)301-3725 [email protected]
Pascal, Austin
Riles, Sam
Seier, Pascal
Stewart, Catie
Warner, Gabrielle
 Salty Dawgs
All Divisions
Benedict, Caitlin
Burden, Mallory
DiPietro, Jimmy
Dulong, Mary
(C)Ioppolo, Rain(631)560-8349 [email protected]
Salt, Ben
Timmons, Cullen
Warren, Terrin
Whittle, Tamzy